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Moves Oy is importing and sales company of electric motors, gears and drives used in industrial applications. We have been supplying our products since 1985 with great success. Base of our operation is quality and well knows products with motivated and professional staff.

Our customers are mainly Finnish machine builders and workshops from many different industrial areas which we serve from our offices in Vantaa and Tampere. End users we serve together with our distributors and service network troughout Finland. We have also some customers in Russia and Baltic countries.

Our main products are Moves and Brook Crompton electric motors, Motovario gears and Invertek drives.

Other products are ATB, Orange1, Lafert, Euromotori and Menzelmotors, Rossi and Hansen gears, Tempority brakes and PTP Industry and Chiaravalli couplings.

Our new fastest growing product group is Moves branded standard motors which have got a good reputation with their users.
We have supplied over 300.000 products to every kind of industrial applications and we have always over 10.000 products availably for delivery in our Vantaa stock.

 Take contact to us. We quarantee the best service and reliable deliveries.